Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011 Photo Highlights of my 9 Daughters

Newspaper photo of Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance 
Emma wins the dance competition
Dad collapses on the floor afterwards (but it was worth it)

What, your Mr. Potato Head doesn't have a feeding tube?

Not bad for a girl who was supposed to be quadriplegic
If you're wondering how she got up there, I was wondering the same thing

Sometimes Miracles Hide luncheon for moms with special needs children
Somebody had their hands full

So thrilled at the progress one of our caregivers made with Emma using simple alphabet blocks

Hope on Easter BEFORE she ate a bunch of candy

Mother's Day

People look at this and think, at least she can always dream.
I look at it and think, why stop at dreaming. That girl won a dance contest.

Hope in a Box

Emma is a quad and can't sit upright so the caregiver improvised and used her special needs swing

Yard sale treasure

The state provided us with a ceiling track lift system but
I'm not sure this is what they had in mind
One of the caregivers babysat so Laura and I could have a night out.
We went to Stevie's dance performance. It was awesome!

Camping with 2 daughters, both with same brain injury
One quadriplegic and blind

the other does everything other children her age do

Emma is baptized
Shoulda seen the look on the pastor's face when I answered his question,
"You don't want to dunk her do you?"

Decisions, decisions, decisions

We did a lot of camping this year
and met another girl in a wheelchair.
We had wheelchair races every night
to the delight of all the other campers.

Joni & Friends disability family camp
For the first time we were the insiders instead of the outsiders looking in

Joni & Friends disability family camp
World's greatest weight loss program. Be a caregiver for Hope for a week.

Joni & Friends disability family camp
Special time with dad

Joni & Friends disability family camp
Emma loves square dancing

Dad loves Emma

Joni & Friends disability family camp
We were treated like royalty

Joni & Friends disability family camp
If only the rest of the world could be as happy as Emma...

Emma returning to where she was baptized

Miracle Baby Reunion
They really do save a lot of kids but I don't think even Dr. Hope can save this one

At the library
What's up, chicken butt?

Hide and Seek with new ceiling track lift system

And you think it's a big deal your 3-year-old isn't potty trained yet
And this is just a 90 day supply

Fun before the school bus arrives

Proof Hope isn't always the world's most hyperactive kid

They said she would never walk but they never said anything about flying

Better watch out for the left hook
Emma about to demonstrate her legacy of

having 3 sisters with black belts in taekowndo

Emma discovers her hand

A real train equipped for a wheelchair!

Emma, the light at the end of my tunnel

What do you get for her birthday for a kid who can't hold a toy in her hand?

Chillin' with my 17-year-old

Emma is legally blind
What better gift for her than the gift of light

Breakfast with 5 of my 9 lovely daughters


  1. What a really wonderful blog! :) Anyways, I am a democratic socialist, from the Hat o' the USA. xD

    I hope to see some more posts sometime!


  2. i remember you from CBC--but you had an entirely different family/wife/kids. Where are all of them now? AWANAs was lively with all the Ellis family! I still have one of the beautiful tapes your girls made--they were our "Lennon Sisters"! Looks like your life is busy and full. I'd seen you on another CP church site also, where a good friend of mine goes. You certainly do get around!